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The Cowboy Strut

Committee Chairs: 

Nicole Vecchiotti / email 

Jessica Staunton / email


On Tuesday September 14th every Fiske Family will receive an empty "Treasure Jar".  Please fill jars with new items that are fun and/or tasty.  In our Effort to REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE we encourage you to REDUCE the amount of "junk" that you put in {toys from fast food restaurants, anything broken, or used up, etc} and USE your imagination to think of creative, USEful things to include like:

gift cards, baseball cards, bubble gum, crayons, stickers, books, playing cards, colored pencils, small toys, candy (no chocolate as it may melt and no nuts please).

Seal the jar, decorate it if you like, then return the jar in your child's backpack or to the Fiske Lobby by:

Wednesday, September 17

If you can not fill the Treasure Jar you receive, please return it to school in your child's backpack or place it in the "empty treasure jars bin" in the lobby so that others can have a chance to fill it.  AND, if you win a treasure jar at Wild West, please reuse it or recycle it when it's empty or return to the Fiske lobby for collection.


The Cowboy Strut, a game similar to musical chairs, is a strong tradition at Wild West.  It's a most popular attraction, maybe because of those fabulous Treasure Jar Prizes!  Make sure it's a hit again this year and fill your best Treasure Jar yet!​

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