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The Family Fair

 with a Western Flair

We rely on EVERY family to volunteer for a minimum of 1 two-hour shift.
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Fiske's annual Wild West Round-up is one of the PTO's primary fund raising events.  Each year Wild West raises more than $15,000 for Fiske!  The funds provide additional programs, services and learning opportunities above and beyond what the school system can provide.

Examples of What PTO Money Supports:

  • Major technology upgrades like Elmos and Smartboards

  • The Library Fund

  • Buses for field trips

  • The Fiske Family Directory, Kids Care program, WEF and Committee 21

  • Teacher curriculum enrichment, the Welcome Back Breakfast and the annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

  • Playground equipment

  • METCO Program

  • Family events (Bingo Night, Family Picnic, Field Day and Kindergarten Lemonade Party)

  • Creative Arts and Sciences:  Past events have included

     Mexican Folktale play & fiesta for kindergarten

     Puddlestompers habitat program for kindergarten

     Ghana folktale play and costume making for 1st grade

     "Wingmasters" live bird presentation for 1st grade

     "Techsploration" to support the 2nd grade structures unit

     Japanese storyteller for 2nd grade study of Japan

     "Bugworks" presentation of live insects for 3rd grade

     "Moscow Nights" featuring Russian dancers for 3rd grade

     Hand on experience at the discovery Museum for 4th grade

     "Mill Girl" presentation and regional music program for 4th grade

     A visit from an Egyptologist & Chinese calligraphy for 5th grade

     "Lights and Lasers" presentation by Discovery Museum for 5th grade

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